Ordering & Shipping

Let’s get your custom coated project(s) started!

  • You have a design – check!
  • You have the colors/patterns selected – check & check!

You are ready to order!

Please note – currently there is a 1-week lead time on all orders.

*Our lead times are our best estimate at the time of your order and may be subject to change.

Important Note: Firearms shipped to SST by non-FFL holders (i.e. individuals) need to include a photocopy of your government-issued identification along with the order. Orders shipped by FFL holders must include a current, signed copy of the FFL for the sender.

1. The first step in placing an order with SST is to either fill out the order form online, print, download and save. You can also print the form and fill it out by hand. Either way, include a copy with your shipment.

2. If your project involves a firearm, our FFL form also needs to be included with your order

3. Please be very specific in the work you want SST to do for you. We want to make sure that there are no misunderstandings in what you want your completed job to look like. Please provide pictures/graphics/etc. to help illustrate your desired outcome.

4. Make sure you provide all the information requested on the Order Form
a. Be sure to include an inventory of the parts you are sending to help us properly track your items

5. If you are shipping a firearm to us as an individual (from your home), please include a copy of your government issued identification (e.g. driver’s license) with the Order Form

6. If you are a dealer or are having a dealer, ship a firearm to us please include a current, signed copy of their FFL with the Order Form

7. Package your items for shipping making sure packaging is sufficient to protect them during transit (damage during shipping is not SST’s responsibility)
a. Please keep in mind that we charge a fee to disassemble/reassemble your firearm if you ship it to us assembled
b. Ship only the parts we need to do the coating job, if you are unsure what is needed please ask us

8. Make sure you are aware of the carriers (e.g. UPS, FedEx, etc.) regulations on shipping firearms, we recommend that you follow them.
a. Handguns ship via overnight service, this can get expensive quickly.“To keep shipping cost down, you can minimize the size and weight of your package by only shipping the frame (i.e. the serialized part) overnight, the rest can be shipped ground service at a lower cost depending on the carrier.  If you have any questions regarding this, please ask us. ”If you choose to do this, make sure each package has copies of all of the paperwork defined above.
b. Have a hard copy of the FFL with you in case the carrier wants to verify that you are shipping your gun to a licensed firearm dealer. Link to: SST FFL Copy

9. Ship your order to:
Sonoran Surface Technologies
300 S 6th Street
Suite #3
Cottonwood, AZ 86326

10. SST uses UPS for return shipping, if you are concerned about return shipping costs please ask us for a quote (please be prepared to provide the dimensions and weight of your package)